Raw Bar

*indicates gluten free options

* indicates Gluten Free options
Soup & Salad

Dressings: Homemade Italian (made with oil, vinegar, and herbs), Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, and Honey Mustard

Add Pub fries to any sandwich for $2.99 | Gluten free bun $1.00

A half pound of lean beef served on a bun, with green leaf lettuce, tomato, and onion on the side.
Add bacon +$1.00 | Add Pub fries +$2.99 | Gluten Free Bun +$1.00

A sandwich-sized serving of one of the following served with hand-cut fries.
(sorry, no substitutions)

All Entrees served with choice of 2 sides:
- Macaroni & Cheese - Cole Slaw - Red Potatoes - Cold Bean Salad - Hush Puppies - Broccoli - Pub Fries - Black Beans & Rice - Applesauce
Add a garden salad for $5.99 | * Indicates Gluten Free

* Indicates Gluten Free
Kid's Menu

All kids' meals are served on a Frisbee (dine in only). Each kids' meal is served with 1 side and a kid's cup of soda, juice, milk, or tea.
North Carolina Draft Beer
Worldwide Draft Beer
Major Labels
Lagers & Pilsners
Pale Ales & India Pale Ales
Wheats, Whites & Weizens
Fruit & Spice Beers
Golden, Amber, Brown, & Red Ales
Stouts & Porters
Ciders, Malternatives & Non Alcoholic
** = Pub Favorite A 17% gratuity may be added to all tables of 6 or more. The North Caroline Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources advises that individuals who suffer from liver disease, alcohol abuse, impaired immune systems (including people with HIV infection and diabetes), leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers and severe chronic diseases including heart disease, refrain from consuming raw molluscan shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels). According to the FDA, however, appropriate cooking of the shellfish can prevent sickness.