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---- 2 (large)Howard's Pub Activewear has become THE recognized and coveted symbol of a trip to Ocracoke Island.  The standard bearers - our Pub T-Shirts - have evolved through a number of designs.  While we originally planned to discontinue the previous season's model to make way for a new one each season, Pubfolk have demanded former designs in such numbers that we continue to offer just about all past shirts on a rotating basis.  We are continually gratified to find folks who come back to get the one that's missing from their collection - whether lost, shared, never purchased, or just "flat worn out."

In addition to our T-shirts, Howard's Pub Activewear now includes sweatshirts, several styles of embroidered hats, tank tops and other seasonal varieties that strike our apparel buyer's fancy.  The T-shirts and sweatshirts are screen-printed with durable, non-allergenic inks, and just about everything else in our merchandise line is embroidered by artisans right here on the Outer Banks.  All of our shirts are top of the line, name brand (Comfort Colors or Gildan mostly), pre-shrunk, 100% cotton (except where noted on some activewear that the makers insist need just a few synthetics - for whatever reason.  

If your wardrobe isn't in need of updating, consider a Howard's Pub coffee mug (sure to induce some daydreaming at the office or over a good movie during that long break between trips to Ocracoke).  We also offer Howard's Pub pint glasses,  license plates, bumper stickers, huggies and other assorted memorabilia to serve as gifts and/or mementos of your trip.